Plans 15/05/2019

The project of the wooden home with sauna 00-56

A very practical free project of a wooden house with a sauna, a sauna is designed one-storey of round timber. This project of the house is perfect for a country holiday with family and friends.

  • The roof of the sauna — gable.

There are rooms such as: vestibule, switchboard, boiler room, locker room, relaxation room, shower with swimming pool, sauna.

Constructive solution

The house itself is made of logs. All logs prior to installation should be cleaned from dirt and processed agribiological composition. At the bottom of the longitudinal grooves is placed a layer Logutova mezhventsovogo seal.

Partitions of the first floor to execute from a ceramic brick.

The ceiling of the basement — reinforced concrete slabs.

The coating of the first floor to run on the wooden beams.

To cover the floor to provide a hatch to the attic.

The interior finish of the sauna to take according to the design project.

Doors – wooden.

Windows — wooden with triple glazing.

Technical solutions used in this project comply with environmental, sanitary,fire and other rules and regulations and ensure safe operation of the facility in compliance with the working drawings activities.

This beautiful free wooden house project with sauna 00-56 is perfect for a country house, your family and friends will appreciate the house built on this project, and I will be happy with a hot sauna with the smell of fresh wood!

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