Plans 13/05/2019

The project of a wooden house from a log 00-59

Beautiful, practical, high-quality free project of a wooden house made of logs, perfect for a country house for recreation and for permanent residence, download the project and use it to the full! Do not waste time looking for the best project at home, you have already found it!

  • Dimensions at the base: 9×9.3 meters.

Project content

  • shared data
  • floor marking plan
  • the plan of the piers
  • grillage's
  • facade
  • statement of overlappings
  • the layout of the rafters
  • statement of filling openings
  • the lining of the axes
  • view
  • framework

Project features

  • Number of storeys: 2
  • Floor height, m: 2.7
  • Building area m2: 83.7
  • Total area m2: 135
  • Ground floor area m2: 74.5
  • Area of the second floor m2: 60.5
  • Construction volume m2: 669.7

As you have already seen from the description and characteristics of this free project wooden house made of logs 00-59, it is perfect for you, if you are still in doubt, then ask us your questions in the comments, our experts will help you!

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