Plans 08/05/2019

The project of the frame house of sandwich panels 00-64

Almost classic free project frame house made of sandwich panels, perfect for a small country house or cottage.

  • In base size: 7.85×5.85 meters.
  • Stage: — as.

Contents of this project:

  • shared data
  • floor marking plan
  • facade

Features of the home:

  • Number of storeys: 2
  • Building area m2: 49,80
  • Total area m2: 80,43
  • Construction volume m2: 321,41

Design solutions of the project:

Supporting structures of the building are frame panels of the "sandwich"type.

Spatial rigidity is provided by the joint work of the longitudinal and transverse frame walls with the floor disk.

Exterior walls: panels of type "sandwich" with a thickness of 174 mm (OSVS+uteplitel+OVVZ). thermal resistance of heat transfer which is 3.6 m2s/W. that meets modern standards for energy efficiency.

OSB3: focused particle Board Certificate of compliance. ROSS DE АЯ12 В00977.

Insulation: expanded Polystyrene (GOST 15588-86) brand PSB-s 25 to 35 (self-extinguishing).

Internal load-bearing walls: sandwich panels 124 mm thick.

Floor panels of type "sandwich" with a thickness of 174 mm.

Roof construction: wall panels type "sandwich" with a thickness of 174 mm.

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