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Project 1 inexpensive house for two families

  • Project 1 inexpensive house for two families

Very practical and inexpensive house project for two families, will fit well into the landscape of the countryside.

For conditional level 0.000 accepted the mark of the pure floor of the first floor. To the level -0.030 ground the perform of artificial stone. Exterior walls are ceramic tiles to the elevation. -1,800, higher plaster for two times on plasticized moisture-resistant glass grid, and decorative plaster for external works in tone tiles. Around the building to perform a blind area of asphalt concrete width of 1 m.

Roof-insulated gable, made with an external gutter and a coating of metal.

Walls and partitions — gypsum Board (bathroom pantry — water-resistant) metal.

In the kitchen-dining room, bathrooms and pantry to perform waterproofing of floors with the institution on the walls of 300 mm; waterproofing output in adjacent rooms on one meter.

Кровля и перекрытия

The project is executed in relative marks. The reference mark of 0.000 corresponds to the level of the clean floor of the first floor. The grading elevation of the earth -0.150.

Wooden elements of the roof are made of softwood II category (GOST 24454-80) without defects and wormholes in the areas of connection.

All wooden structures should be treated with chemicals that protect the wood from biological destruction (rotting damage by woodworms, etc.).

In places of contact with metal elements wood further treated with enamel HV-124 layer thickness of 90-120 microns. In order to increase fire resistance, wooden structures are covered with fire-retardant paints (flame retardants), and the supporting metal structures are covered with flame retardants.

The following chemicals are recommended:

  • The impregnating composition is "PP" — THE 2494-002-23118566-95;
  • Fire-retardant varnish "OzL-SK" - TU 2494-002-23118566-95;
  • Fire-retardant coating "OPV-1" - TU 21-25-322-90.

All preparations are applied by brush, immersion or spray and transfer the wood into the category of flammable materials according to GOST 16363-76.

Connection of structural elements is carried out on Urubko, linings of bars, mounting plates, nails, screws, bolts and studs.

All metal elements are covered with one layer of soil GF-021 (GOST 25129-82) and two layers of enamel HV-124 (GOST 18374-79). The layer thickness is 90-120 µm.

In places relying on the walls and installation in the nest, the wooden elements of the roof to wrap two layers of roofing.

The project is affordable house for two families will help to transform your dream into reality!

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