Plans 14/05/2019

The project is a guest house with a sauna from a bar 00-57

A great free house project for guests with a sauna made of timber. The project is popular because of the low cost of timber in Canada, in the North of the USA, also in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The size of the base in the axes of 5.5×5.5 (with a terrace of 8.2) meters.

This house project is perfect for the construction of temporary housing with sauna or sauna with a room for relaxation. And if the construction to make a small redevelopment, you get a great guest house.

This house project is designed in such a way as to minimize the cost of timber for the construction of walls and ceilings.

Design solutions of the project

  • Foundation — columnar, reinforced concrete.
  • External walls — wooden, from the profiled bar of 150×150mm.
  • Internal partitions — timber section of 100×150mm.
  • Floors — on wooden beams with a cross section of 150×150 mm.
  • Roof — attic type.
  • Roofing — shingles on moisture-resistant plywood.
  • Rafters — timber 50×200 mm in increments of 600mm.
  • Stairs — wooden butterfly design.
  • Windows — wooden double-glazed Windows.
  • Doors — wooden paneled.

Project content

  • shared data
  • floor marking plan
  • facade
  • statement of overlappings
  • the layout of the rafters
  • Visualization
  • framework

Project features

  • Number of storeys: 2
  • Building area m2: 47
  • Total area m2: 69
  • House living area m2: 13
  • Ground floor area m2: 41
  • Area of the second floor m2: 29

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