Plans 12/05/2019

Project two-storey house of aerated concrete blocks — Aerostone

Excellent free project of two-storey house of aerostone concrete blocks, with a total area of 137.17 m2. For a large family with a stable home!

  • Project 2013
  • Project proponent: LTD "ABS-Stroy", Moscow
  • Design stage: PP

Architectural and planning solutions of this project

The object of design of a two-storey residential building of aerostone concrete blocks, in terms of rectangular shape, with the size of the sides on the coordination axes of 9.75 m and 9.60 m.

On the ground floor: porch, vestibule, boiler room, hall, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, dressing room, pantry. On the second floor there are three living rooms, hall, bathroom. Entrance to the building is through the porch.

The height of the 1st floor is 2,880 m. the Height is indicated from the level of the clean floor of the first floor to the floor of the first floor. The height of the 2nd floor is 2,700 m. the Height is indicated from the level of the clean floor of the second floor to the level of the second floor.

Design solutions of the project

The Foundation of the house is designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete tape.

The basement is made of brick in 4 rows.

The outer walls are made of aerostone 400 mm aerated concrete blocks of the D500 brand. Internal load-bearing walls of aerated concrete blocks of the type "Aerostone" 300 mm brand D500. Walls — bricks M-100.

Precast concrete floors with local use of monolithic reinforced concrete sections of concrete class B25.

The roof is gable.Roof covering — metal.

Technical and economic indicators of the project

  • Total area — 137.17 m2
  • Living area — 62.69 m2
  • Built-up area — 92.33 m2

Free project of two-storey residential building made of aerostone concrete blocks is ideal for your family, strong aerostone blocks will ensure maximum safety and strength of your walls!

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