OSB Plate 20/01/2018

The linoleum on the OSB: how to make a perfectly smooth surface

Oriented strand Board OSB is a good choice to create a sub-floor. It is suitable, in particular, in order to create a perfectly smooth base for linoleum. Ill-considered actions can lead in this case, the creaking of the plates, their sagging, warping and swelling the roll. How to avoid this and to put OSB on the floor under the linoleum, find out in this article.

The pros and cons of sandwich panels of OSB

Surface preparation

Surface preparation

Is to put a rolled material does not work, if the surface underneath is uneven and changes height. Therefore, you first need to properly prepare it.

For floor leveling OSB plate under the linoleum needed:

  • boards with a cross section of 3×8 cm;
  • OSB right size;
  • screws with plastic dowels;
  • tapping screw;
  • a rule of length 1 m;
  • sander;
  • material for sealing joints.

After all of the necessary tools prepared, you can proceed directly to the mounting frame:

  1. In the first stage are placed on the Board. Stride length depends on the thickness was chosen OSB.
  2. With the use of shims of different thicknesses, align the boards so that they lay at the same level. To do this, use the rule. It is placed on any 3 nail Polish and check that the position is sustainable.
  3. Board fastened with screws with dowels or anchors.
  4. Then stack the sheets of OSB. The joints between them must be exactly on the joists of the frame, the dimensions of the plates you need to choose accordingly. Mount boards are made with screws with a pitch of 30 cm.
  5. Using a sander, smooth the joints.
  6. Produce elastic sealing of joints with sealant or putty, designed to work with wood. This step will prevent the plate from shifting, and the home – from squeaky floor.

Preparation tips

Preparation tips

Linoleum trail only on a perfectly flat surface. You must first clear it of any crumbs, dust and debris. The thinner the rolled material, the more carefully you need to do it.

To correct the elevation changes recommended solely by adjustment lags. In a pinch, you can use with a grinding machine.

The wall and floor joints zashtukaturivat. The cracks in these places close up with foam.

After laying the OSB on the floor under the linoleum is not necessary to completely cover it with putty. This alignment will be short-lived. The mobility of sex will lead to its delamination and the formation of hillocks. The putty is used exclusively for grouting and fixing screws. Flooring trail only after its complete drying.

Laying linoleum

Laying linoleum

Polymer roll material ideally placed on a flat surface, so the adhesive does not need. The floor and furniture to press the linoleum on the floor, ensuring its immobility. Glue is recommended only in space greater than 20 m2 or with a large traffic.

If the room you plan to Wallpaper, first complete all the manipulations with the floor, because in the process of fitting and trimming floor coverings can spoil Wallpaper. If the walls in the room are very high, there is a risk of damaging the linoleum ladder. In this case, the decision should be taken in comparing risks.

The tools you will need:

  • metal ruler;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • double sided tape for mounting on the perimeter;
  • adhesive for welding joints;
  • knife with interchangeable blades.

The room temperature should be at least -18 ºc.

If you plan to glue the linoleum on the way have:

  1. it evenly placed over the entire area of the room;
  2. unbend one half;
  3. the vacant part of the floor with a roller or spatula to apply the adhesive;
  4. the bent portion is repositioned and leveled with a roller from the center to the edges;
  5. excess glue is removed;
  6. repeat all the manipulations for the second half.

Calculation of linoleum

Calculation of linoleum

After placing the rolled coating was left with a large amount of scraps, you need to calculate the square footage. And how it to define?

First, measure the floor space and plan space taking into account the possible roughness of the walls. It is not enough just to know the distance between them. The measurements are carried out at least 3 points for each direction.

The obtained results are transferred to the plan. Be sure to measure the niches and doorways. Their view determine the maximum width of the room and take it. Linoleum is better to put one piece to avoid joints. Fortunately, now in DIY stores large selection of roll materials with width up to 4 m.

If no joints not to do, try to make them as small as possible. And don't forget about the drawing in this situation. You may have to obtain a rolled material with a margin below the image is not broken at the joints.

Initially linoleum laid sunset on the wall. Therefore, the estimated length and width is suggested to add 5-10 cm.

Below the flooring was perfectly smooth needs the right to lay OSB on the floor. The surface under the linoleum carefully leveled, cleaned and shpaklyuyut. If to implement all the recommendations, and after a few years the coating will swell, and will please the perfect smoothness.