OSB Plate 12/01/2018

Screws for OSB – choose and calculate correctly

Oriented strand Board or OSB is an indispensable attribute of any modern construction. The material used for both exterior and interior finishes, can play the role of carrier or connecting element, for example, in roofing pie, but can be an independent solution, say, in the role of interior walls or ceilings.

What screws to fasten the OSB depends on the design features of the structure and the place of direct installation of particle Board.

Screws for OSB – choose and calculate correctly

Ways of fastening of OSB

SWays of fastening of OSB

OSB versatility really is unmatched. It with identical success used at all stages and cycles of construction.

In order to consider all possible options for fixing OSB, it will be convenient to split their installation into several main groups:

  • roofing;
  • wall;
  • outdoor.

Each such mounting category has some nuances, though the basic principle of fastening wood boards will be identical.

Methods of fastening of OSB in roofing

Methods of fastening of OSB in roofing

Installation of OSB boards as one of the layers of a roofing pie, calls attention to the strength characteristics of the material and fasteners used in the work.

Given the significant wind and snow loads in the plane of the roof, as well as the fact that roof structure are not static, rigid construction, specialists recommend to pay attention to the following points:

  • when laying OSB on the roof, priority should be given a special "Ershov" or ring nails;
  • phosphated screws used in the installation of OSB, more brittle and have lower strength with the progress of construction;
  • the final choice of what screws to fasten the OSB to the frame, for the masters, depending on the climatic conditions in the construction area;
  • the length of the nails or screws used in roofing, is calculated by a simple formula: the thickness of the sheet OSB for at least 40-45 mm at the entrance of fasteners to the frame;
  • that is, if considered the standard dimensions of OSB 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, therefore the length of the screw will be in the range between 50-75 mm;
  • the map of fastener looks like this: the rafters, the pitch of the screws is 300 mm at the joints of plates – 150 mm for eaves or ridge immediately – 100 mm away from the edge of the sheet at least 10 mm.

Conclusion! When installing OSB on the roof, you should give preference to special nails because of their greater strength on a cut!

Vertical or wall mounting OSB

Vertical or wall mounting OSB

What screws to fasten the OSB in the case of wall mounting? The question is unambiguous and very specific answer. If the recommended standard thickness used in vertical installation the sheets of OSB, equal to 12 mm, respectively, adding to that value required by the rules of 45-50 mm body screws in the rack or frame at least, we get the answer 50-70 mm.

Map of the fasteners the same roof: in the middle of the sheet, the fastener is in increments of 300 mm at the joints of plates, the step is reduced to 150 mm, the sides adjacent to the ceiling or floor mounted 100 mm away from the edge of the standard – 10 mm.

The choice of the form of screws for vertical installation due to the need to hide head flush with the wall plane. That is why on the facades and external surfaces of buildings using screws with a plate head that tightening not only sits in sweat, but it does not cleave the wood, keeping the look of the wall.

Screws when wall mounting you can replace the nails with spiral or annular ring. Their length is determined by multiplying the thickness of the OSB by a factor of 2.5. In our case, it is: 2.5 * 12mm = 30 mm. Is the minimum allowable length.

The mounting sheets of OSB in the horizontal plane: the floor/ceiling

The mounting sheets of OSB in the horizontal plane: the floor/ceiling

To dwell on the choice of screws for installation of OSB on the ceiling is not necessary. Scheme the number and size of screws used for these purposes, repeats the above examples exactly.

The choice of screws and pattern of fasteners in the floor laying OSB are determined by the basis on which the material is deposited.

If it is a beam or rack frame, phosphated screws with a body length of at least 50 mm and countersunk head – a great choice.

In the case of laying OSB on the rough, solid floors, suitable galvanized screws with a double thread. The procedure for determining the optimum length specified above.

The consumption of the screws when installing OSB

The consumption of the screws when installing OSB

f you read the article carefully, you've noticed that regardless of where you install OSB, fasteners remains the same. Accordingly, the number of screws required, will generally be the same.

The average consumption of the screws when installing OSB is around 30 pieces per m2. Accordingly, for installation of a standard sheet will need approximately 75-100 PCs. of tapping screws.

Now you know what screws to fasten the OSB to the quality and long-term use boards in conjunction with the other construction and finishing materials.

Tip! When buying do not chase low prices and check the quality of the screws. Cases of marriage enough. And on the construction site are no trifles!