OSB Plate 08/01/2018

The feasibility of plastering OSB plates

Is it possible to plaster OSB plate? This question is often asked by owners of housing built on frame technology. Such buildings as built of any other materials in need of insulation and a decorative finish. Plaster is a great way to solve these issues.

The feasibility of plastering OSB plates

Training in plastering OSB

Directly on the surface of the plaster applied is not recommended. This is due to the ability of the plaster mixtures to absorb moisture from the air and transfer it to the base. As a result, the panel will be exposed to constant influence of water and its service life reduced.

In order to avoid direct contact of the panels of OSB with stucco, you must hold the mandatory activities that not only protect the wall surfaces from excessive moisture, but will also allow the mortar does not crack in the process of operation.

To plaster OSB panels will be, if they are pre-prepared in several stages:

  • To secure covering sheets of bituminized cardboard, a facing of Kraft paper or roofing felt paper backing;
  • To install the reinforcement mesh of galvanized steel or fiberglass;
  • Pour a special adhesive resulting design, ensuring full immersion of the mesh into it;
  • Process received base primer.

All work on the preparation of panels can be carried out only after a hard mount them together and to the joists to eliminate the vibration in the process of finishing works and further operation of the house.

When you are finished, you can begin to plaster works. Better to give preference vapor permeable compositions of mineral or silicate based. Unlike ordinary cement mixtures, they have a pronounced decorative properties due to the additives that are included in their structure for the production phase.

Alternative ways to plaster OSB

Alternative ways to plaster OSB

The procedure of applying traditional mixtures on OSB plates is quite cumbersome, requires a professional approach. On the market appeared ready formulations that are applied to the base with a thin layer. The process is rather similar to putty, as it covers the walls with a layer of 1.5 to 5 mm. they are Suitable for external and internal works.

For finishing of OSB panels use compositions on a polymeric basis which possess high adhesion. Plasters with a polymeric binder are produced of different types. For wooden surfaces suitable option based on synthetic resins: acrylic or latex. After drying, it forms a vapor permeable, durable surface resistant to moisture.

Applying polymer finishes has its own nuances and requires preparatory work:

  • the plate surface is cleaned with sandpaper;
  • apply the primer;
  • overlap the finished mixture.

The polymer composition can be applied on the levelled base of cement plaster. The cost of such finishing is much higher than traditional trains, but kompensiruet long life, up to 25 years, during which maintaining the beautiful appearance of polymer plaster.

What gives the plastering of panels OSB

What gives the plastering of panels OSB

Insulation of the facade is carried out with mineral wool or expanded polystyrene. The heater is attached directly to the surface of the OSB panels. Thereafter, the steps according to the familiar scheme: installation of reinforcing mesh, adhesive, primer and plaster.

Plaster remarkably protects the insulation from mechanical damage and the external environment:

  • precipitation;
  • sunlight;
  • the wind loads.

Permeable plasters allow the house to breathe and does not accumulate condensate on the surface of the OSB panels. As a result, walls protected from the appearance of fungus and mold.

The combination in the decoration of the facade of plaster and insulation can significantly improve the qualitative characteristics of the structure:

  • to reduce the cost of heating the building more than 50%, due to good insulation;
  • to improve sound insulation characteristics of the house 2 times.

It remains only to choose the type of plaster mix. Each composition has its advantages and weaknesses. The decision to use one or the other is individually.

Plaster OSB plates is possible. In addition to insulation of the building, she helps in the decoration of the exterior by the use of decorative plasters or paints. Mix mineral-based well-suited for further staining.

Plaster silicate based used not only for facades, but also for internal work. Using mixtures of polymer-based, you can also solve the issues with the design inside.