OSB Plate 05/01/2018

OSB: the inner lining of walls and partitions

Oriented strand Board, aka OSB (Oriented Strand Board), used in construction for internal and external cladding of timber frame buildings or interior decoration. Sheathing OSB wall plate inside the premises – an alternative to finishing wood chip plates (DPS) and gypsum plasterboard (GKL). Used in the following cases:

  • the rough coating of the frame or interior walls;
  • decorative interior.
OSB: the inner lining of walls and partitions

How to choose the OSB?

The thickness of the OSB:

  • for the frame one-story house with step stands 40 cm – 9 mm, with a step of 60 12 mm;
  • two-storey house – 12 mm;
  • interior walls – 9 mm.

Dimensions of OSB:

Choose on step racks. American standard: 1220×2440 when the distance between the uprights 407 610,5 mm; European standard: 1250×2500 at a distance of 625 mm. Strip is used without waste.

Type according to European classification OSB

Depending on the strength and moisture resistance of the panel to release four types: OSB-1, -2, -3, -4 (improve performance).

Paneling OSB plate inside is made of type OSB-2 OSB-3 (see table).

Classification of OSB

Type Strength Property Type The Score Of
OSB-2 high Only in dry areas For interior finishing and supporting structures
OSB-3 high Allowed use under high humidity The same

Often used OSB-3, since the difference in price from OSB-2 is insignificant.

Type of coating OSB

  • To close the frame – sanded OSB Board;
  • for the decorative finish – polished lacquered (one side) or laminated OSB panels.

Sheathing timber frame OSB

Sheathing timber frame OSB

Previous work:

  1. Check the flatness of the inner surface of the struts and even out high areas with a plane.
  2. Lay stands between the slab insulation.
  3. Install vapour barrier membrane using a construction stapler. Ensure the mutual overlap of adjacent panels 10 – 15 cm, good glue joints, double sided sticky tape.


When installing the sheets, use the following guidelines:

  • the joints have center stands, leaving the expansion gap of 3 mm, so that when the humidity in the room the lining is not twisted; bottom, as the top cord cover plate entirely;
  • if the house is two storey, it is best to average the strapping zone for greater rigidity of the power frame overlaps the middle of the sheet;
  • Windows or doors must be covered with a single sheet;
  • for a two-story house strips positioned on a height staggered.

What to fix OSB

Use spiral nails or screws with a length of 45 to 50mm. Mounting screws stronger than nailed, to the same better physically (instead of a hammer use screwdriver). If necessary, you can easily remove incorrectly installed sheet.

Step fasteners

  • at the edge of the sheet is 10 cm;
  • the joints – 15 cm;
  • in other places – 30 cm
  • The distance from the edge of the sheet – 0,8...1 see

Decorative veneer OSB

Decorative veneer OSB

Panels mounted on the sheathing of wooden bars or metal profiles. Below the bars will not warp, apply dried material. Safer to use galvanized metal profiles for fastening gypsum plasterboard. The sequence of actions when facing the wall:

  1. The side walls krepjat vertical launch elements controlling the level of verticality. Applying to the outer surface spanned by the string, make sure that the intermediate guides will not protrude from the front surface.
  2. To the floor and ceiling are fixed horizontal start-up profiles, connecting side members in a straight line.
  3. Mark along the wall to a position intermediate vertical rails so that the joint plates were in the middle of the profile, and a second bearing is positioned in the center of the plates.
  4. Along the planned lines are fixed to the wall using dowels, screws or mounting nails special hangers, which is a U-shaped metal bracket. The installation step is about 60 cm.
  5. Install hangers for vertical profiles, aligned vertically and connected to the brackets with screws or with metal stud crimping tool, paying attention not to get a pit or a hump. The protruding ends of the hangers are bent to the wall so they do not protrude from the front surface.
  6. Panel mounted in the same way as on wooden frame.

Something about painting OSB plates

Something about painting OSB plates

Brushed and lacquered OSB itself looks original and does not require additional finishing. For additional finishing (painting or putting up Wallpaper), there are some additional events as paint and Wallpaper it is bad to keep the surface of the material:

  • pre-primer;
  • cladding junctions;
  • plaster;
  • the final primer.

For the rough wall frame wooden houses OSB is the most suitable option among other building materials, and decor – out of competition. Chaotic particle-depotna texture combined with the warm color of the wood gives the appearance of covering an element of comfort and originality. Sheathing OSB wall plate inside the house is used in a variety of interiors, whether it be the attic of a country house, kitchen area or living room in loft style.