OSB Plate 03/05/2017

OSB: the handle against moisture

Oriented strand Board OSB, which is installed inside dry premises, does not require any additional protection from moisture. In the worst conditions, is the outer skin of the house from this plate. Over time, it gets dark not only from the rain but from the sun's UV rays. Of course, you can close the plate siding or blockhouse, but it is expensive. How to handle the OSB plate from moisture – a question uneasy. We will try to answer it.

OSB: the handle against moisture

Do you need additional processing OSB?

Moisture resistance OSB is characterized by the size of the swelling in thickness during the day. In this parameter according to the American standard PS 2, European EN-300 and Russian GOST 10632-89 plates are divided into 4 types (see table).

The value of swelling in thickness 24 h, %
OSB-1 25
OSB-2 20
OSB-3 15
OSB-4 12

Recall that for cladding buildings use only OSB-3 and OSB-4.

If built, construction would somehow be able to get rid of, then the construction of the OSB are on the job site in bundles. Even after a rain the top few sheets swell almost in half. They will remain so after drying. The rest of the leaves swell at the ends. By the way, the North American product ends in order to avoid this, the impregnation of the dyed blood-red color.

Among some builders are of the opinion that OSB plates need no further processing as it is impregnated with resin, vosene, varnished. Experience shows that after 2-3 years, their appearance loses its initial freshness, they darken, somewhere vyputyvayutsya separate pieces, the joints are sloppy.

Therefore, additional hydrophobic treatment will not be superfluous, especially if it is the facade of a residential building without any veneer. Consider how to handle the OSB plate from moisture.

1. Transparent impregnation for OSB plates

The cheapest treatment option – water-repellent colorless impregnation. Special solutions for OSB no. You can use any tools for wood, with the exception of the prepared water-based. Examples of such compositions:

  • Antiseptic-impregnated wood Elcon silicone based. Designed for long-term protection of wood constructions against weathering, rot and mold. Area of application: for interior and exterior use. Forms a hydrophobic film, non-toxic, allows the wood to "breathe".
  • Innovative home hydrophobe part of NEOGARD-Wood-40 on the silicone oligomers. Designed to impart water repellent properties to the products of wood and materials on its basis: plywood DSP, DVP. Water absorption for the DSP is reduced to 15 – 25 times. Obviously, it is suitable for OSB. Does not change the natural color of the material, the protective properties are retained for at least 5 years.
Transparent impregnation for OSB plates

2. Lacquered OSB boards

Most suitable for protecting wood and OSB from moisture so-called yacht varnish on urethane-alkyd or alkyd-urethane-based. Some of the popular brands:

  • UNIKA SUPER Tikkurila (Finland). This brand is a leader in the resistance to environmental influences, resistance to UV radiation and temperature changes.
  • Marshall protex (Turkey). Creates a plastic surface film.
  • Marshall Protex Yat Apply. Has a high abrasion and moisture resistance.
  • PARADE (Russia). Retains freshness for long time.
  • Belinka Yacht (Russia). Has dirt - and water-repellent properties, emphasizes the texture of wood materials.
  • Paint-antiseptic for wood "Prevalac" acrylic base with wax (Russia). Along with antiseptic and antibacterial action successfully protects the wood from moisture.
Lacquered OSB boards

3. Staining OSB plates

Since OSB is a product of processing of wood, paint and varnish materials (LKM) for them can use the same:

  • Oil paint. In connection with the presence in the composition of OSB resins, paints based on linseed oil does not always fit well to the painted surface. For best adhesion to the substrate is recommended prior to painting to produce a double coating with intermediate putty. Despite this, coatings based on oil under ultraviolet radiation, changes in temperature and precipitation are prone to fading, cracking, until the exfoliation. We can recommend paint based on natural and modified oil, PINOTEX WOOD OIL SPRAY that resists the influence of external factors.
  • Alkyd paints better fit chipboard panels, since their composition is an alkyd resin, as a product of the chemical interaction of natural oils with acids. Their adhesion is higher compared to oil paint, dry faster, and better resist weathering.
  • Acrylic compositions, being inexpensive and durable in operation, are different optimal qualities and the most popular for colouring wood. Besides available in a wide colour range.
Staining OSB plates

Note: pre-treat a surface in an inconspicuous area to make sure that, under the influence of water-acrylic dispersion material does not swell.

In conclusion, we can say that the question: how to handle the OSB plate from moisture, a simple answer is difficult. First: it depends on whether you want to emphasize the texture of the transparent plate with a solution or, on the contrary, is to apply opaque (opaque) coating. Second: – the financial capacity and aesthetic representations of the developer.