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OSB in interior design: interesting interior design ideas

When it comes to oriented strand Board panels, having a visual Association with skeleton house, whose walls are covered with this material inside and out. Often seems to be some kind of backyard building: garage, barn or outbuilding. However, unlike its cousin, particle Board (chipboard), this material has excellent aesthetic qualities that allows the use of OSB in the interior as a decorative element.

OSB in interior design: interesting interior design ideas

Possible applications of OSB

Slabs of bonded composite it is possible to cover walls and ceilings in frame buildings, treating them to one or other of paint material (LMC). Attractive look of the floor in the room (especially living room), covered with lacquered OSB with plain walls, pastel shades. There are several ways of painting:

  1. A transparent coating. The surface maintains the warm color of the wood remains visible to the luxurious texture of randomly arranged chips.
  2. Toning coloured stains on wood. Sopochniy pattern is clearly visible, but the colour of the surface becomes darker, sometimes not peculiar to the tree. The composition is better not to use water-based. After treatment of OSB impregnated with a polyurethane primer and then coated with lacquer.
  3. Matirovanie – same as staining, just another, more dense composition. The color cover is spotted gray, which creates the effect of antiquity.
  4. Staining opaque paint of light shades, if you think annoying or variegated color background with natural coverage. The relief appearing on the painted surface, especially when using glossy materials, will look good under oblique lighting

OSB is a good material for making interior walls without any additional finish other finishes and also variety of furniture:

  • workplace administrator at the reception;
  • bar;
  • office furniture;
  • kitchen corners;
  • dressing section;
  • furniture racks;
  • rest corners;
  • tables, chairs in the youth style and so on.

Decorative objects, made of OSB: fixtures, showcases for decorative detail, stands for wine give the room features exclusive and original and will delight your guests. What offer architects and designers?

Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB Possible applications of OSB

New life for old hotel with OSB

Architect Herink Vanmeirhaeghe developed the project of reconstruction of the old Chalet on a wooded slope in the South-Eastern part of Belgium. The customer, being short of money, decided to build a country house on the Foundation of the former small hotels. Was chosen as the frame structure of buildings, as most cheap to manufacture. Outside walls and roof frame covered with insulated sandwich panels, covered with galvanized iron. Externally, the building resembles a piece of rock remaining from the passage of a glacier in ancient times, or the module space extraterrestrial settlement of earth.

However, crossing the threshold of the inhospitable appearance of the buildings, suddenly find yourself in a cozy home environment, made in the Chalet style (which emphasizes continuity with the old hotel). The warm atmosphere of the interior decoration is created through the use of OSB in the interior design, which completely covered the floor, the ceiling of the attic and walls. The entire room lit Sunny yellow glow of the painted surface particle Board. Are in harmony with them and exposed wooden structural elements: stairs to top floor, massive rafter beams.

The walls form a calm, uniform background that is in contrast to portraits and pictures of former residents of the hotel, multicolored book spines on a book rack, antique wardrobes and chests of drawers.

New life for old hotel with OSB

British "shed" with OSB

Employees of the architectural Studio in London, Carl Turner Architects (CTA) in 2010 (after five years of work) completed the transformation of the old abandoned barns (Norfolk) in the new comfortable housing with the features of industrial style. You saved the old brickwork, reinforced load-bearing roof structure, while truss elements are left visible to emphasize the solidity of the structure and its origin. These houses were built in the days of the industrial revolution, their description are found in the works of Charles Dickens.

All the furniture and walls in the new house, called "Ochre Barn" (brown barn), fully made of chipboard. Rectangular facets and the plane of the items of interior decoration in line with the General spirit of the stocky, brutal home. Mottled OSB balanced by a solid floor of polished concrete. Through the use of OSB managed to achieve an original interior solutions with a limited construction budget.

British 'shed' with OSB

Machine housing from OSB

Spanish designer Yolanda Pila together with the architects from the Bureau of PKMN Architectures has turned his small residential house in Madrid in a transformable Studio apartment. The project is called "All I Own House", which translates roughly as: "the whole house for me."

To transform the internal volume of used mobile walls of OSB, easy to move on the suspension rails attached to the ceiling. Using these screens the entire room is divided into two volume.

One half plays the role of a living room, living room or gym, depending on the wishes of the hostess. The floor in this half covered with bonded plates, which gives the room an atmosphere of conviviality. The floor reflection in a large mirror visually increases the volume.

In the other half to have a stationary kitchen and bathroom. The remaining part can be divided using three mobile sections of OSB panels, also suspended from the ceiling, in which to place the utensils. The hardpoints can carry up to 800 kg, depending on the situation, this part can serve as a kitchen-dining room, bedroom or Studio.

Oriented strand Board plate can be used not only as a building material. Swaps in the interior has great potential, as evidenced by numerous creative suggestions foreign designers. With creative courage, and the result will exceed your expectations.

Machine housing from OSB