OSB Plate 10/01/2018

OSB: application features

Wastes of wood processing industry can be equally valuable in construction than a solid bar. Examples include particleboard, fiberboard, laminated veneer lumber, plywood and oriented strand Board plate, they are the same OSB. Discussed this article more, especially since the application field of OSB plate can be wide.

OSB: application features

About OSB

OSB is a pressed material consisting of three layers. At its core is elongated chips of coniferous trees (usually pine or aspen), also known as wood wool. The length of one of the chips usually varies from 60 to 90 millimeters.

The name oriented strand Board plate was because the layers of the chips are oriented differently. At the top and bottom layers of the chips are placed along the length of the plate, and the average – at right angles to the upper and lower layer.

In the process of making these three layers are pressed under high temperature and strong pressure, is then impregnated with the waxes and phenolic and formaldehyde resins as a binder material.

General properties of OSB

General properties of OSB

Application field of OSB plate wide because of the outstanding properties of the material. It has high mechanical strength, which is determined by the direction of the fibers. When compared with particle Board, this strength is considerably higher for the same degree of flexibility.

Because of the technology features these plates have a high uniformity in all directions with no chips, cracks, and voids inside.

Also with these plates, whether sawing, drilling or other operations. In the result of them very simple to put together even quite complex designs, such as furniture.

In addition, OSB has good sound and thermal insulation and antiseptic properties, which are achieved by special additives that prevent spread of fungi and mold.

The feature of using OSB

The above-described properties are the reason why OSB is used in a wide range of repair and construction works. But most often they are used in the following situations:

  • Installation of flooring. Because of the smooth and flat surface and high strength, they are a common material for the floor. For example, they can be placed under linoleum or laminate on a concrete floor or as the main flooring on the ground in a country house.
  • The construction of the home of sandwich panels. When homes are built on this modern technology, OSB is often used as one of the main materials.
  • Installation of internal walls. Can be used OSB-2 OSB-3 (see classification below) depending on the humidity of the room. Option boards processed with water-based paints that pairs best were passed and the room remained the right climate.
  • Installation of external walls. With the help of OSB-3, you can easily build a temporary residential building or utility room. An important condition – the panels should be primed on the outside and edges – fill with sealant.

Classification OSB

There are four main types of OSB that are used for different purposes

  • OSB-1 plates of low density. They very poorly tolerate any moisture, therefore are mainly used only in the manufacture of furniture.
  • OSB-2 – plate medium density. More durable than OSB-1, because they can be used in the plating of load-bearing structures. But despite the increased strength, this type of plates still does not tolerate moisture, so apply it in damp areas, should not be.
  • OSB-3 is the most common type of plates. Combines both high strength and greater resistance to moisture. Long live moisture still can not stand, but short-lived – easily. Can be applied in a humid environment, the outside, but you must then carry out additional processing using special impregnation, or at least painting.
  • OSB-4 – the most advanced version of the plates. This heavy-duty material, which can be in difficult conditions without additional protection, and can withstand high humidity for an extended period of time. The only limitation that does not allow use of these plates everywhere is the high price, which is the highest of all four examined species.

Excellent properties, ease of processing and availability, are the main reasons why the application field of OSB plates as great. If required the construction of complex structures, and even entire houses on frame technology – these boards will be if not the, then definitely one of the best options. The main thing – to choose the type of material that best suits your current task.