Doors 12/12/2017

What is the construction of metal doors

The main function of the metal doors – safety, however, effectively protect the door design is capable only when a sufficient thickness of metal. Modern manufacturers of doors use metal sheets with a thickness of 1 mm, while the outer is usually slightly thicker.

Optimum strength characteristics different door, the thickness of the outer sheet which is 2 mm, it is solid and smooth, has no seams and joints, and also has arches, acting for a box of door around its entire perimeter. Arches need to close the gap between the door and frame when the door is in the closed state. Thicker exterior sheet metal, although it increases the strength and rigidity of the door, but also greatly increases the size, and therefore, complicates the installation.

What is the construction of metal doors

Between the steel sheets are the layers of insulating materials that prevent penetration through door unusual sounds and odors, and reduce heat loss. And ribs, allowing the door structure to accurately maintain its geometry without deformation and sagging.

The basis of design door – reliable and durable frame – frame and other profiles, single or dual, rectangular cross-section. Spot welding is a reliable, progressive technology of metal treatment, making the door reliable and durable. The design is not deformed, does not change its operational and consumer characteristics throughout the useful life of several decades. The transformation of several metal sheets and profiles in rigid rigid and sturdy construction is possible only with the use of high-tech and powerful modern equipment.

What the front door consists of What the front door consists of

The design steel doors also includes

  • a door frame,
  • locking system, consisting of two or three locks of different types,
  • anti-theft metal pin,
  • loop eye,
  • regular or panoramic,
  • and handles included in the design of locks, or a separate accessory.

The door finished with decorative panels to one or both sides, and the outer decorative panel can be replaced by a solid anticorrosive coating.

The weight of a standard door is 35-40 lbs. to Increase weight can trim, the use of additional layers of insulation, sealant, massive locks, accessories (chain, gate valves, locking mechanisms). If the door weight exceeds 70 kg, it is enough to install two loops. For heavier construction will need 3 or 4 loops.

The documents, which are attached to branded doors, all accurately described by its technical characteristics.