Doors 30/11/2017

What insulation to choose for the input metal doors

In most parts of Russia the winter lasts much more than three calendar months, and the question of insulation metal doors becoming one of the most important when choosing a door.

when choosing a door.

For insulation of entrance doors now use different materials, but most widely:

What insulation to choose for the input metal doors
  • corrugated cardboard
  • mineral wool
  • foam
  • the polyurethane foam.

What insulation should I choose?

If we talk about the first option – insulation corrugated cardboard (corrugated cardboard), it is the worst option. It is the coldest material for application as insulation.

Corrugated cardboard sometimes covertly referred to as "cell insulation". It is used in the cheap Chinese doors, and to buy these doors for the dwelling is not recommended.

Fairly common mineral wool, but it has a drawback – it is at soaking the moisture shrinks. This moment does not allow this material to be used for the full insulation of the input metal doors. The fact that in the cold season, on the surfaces of metal doors, condensation can form, and for insulation of doors is very important that the insulation is tightly filled all lengthy inside the structure. Mineral wool impregnated with moisture, would not be able to provide. In this mineral wool is fireproof and has a relatively low weight.

The foam started to apply the filler metal entrance doors not too long ago. Plus foam is that it has a structure that does not miss a steam, or moisture. The foam also has good soundproofing.

With all its positive properties, foam has several drawbacks. One of the most significant deficiencies, forcing many people to abandon the foam is its Flammability. In addition, when burning the foam emit toxic substances that can cause severe poisoning.

Doors with polyurethane foam as insulation have good thermal insulation properties and is virtually non-flammable. Polyurethane foam (foamed polyurethane) is not afraid of moisture and does not react to temperature fluctuations.

A disadvantage of the polyurethane foam may be called its relatively high cost compared to other types of insulation. However, the insulation of this material is very durable: the foam will last for decades. Unfavorable factor for him, one is ultraviolet rays, but fear is not worth it: the heater is located inside the door and protected with metal sheets.

In addition to these materials for insulation of the input metal doors, sometimes you can find these options insulation as foam, wood, wool batting, sawdust.

These materials are cheap and have a high risk of fire. Their use in metal entry doors is unjustified for a number of reasons. In General, they do not possess any of the required qualities, capable of providing thermal insulation metal doors.

Examining the positive and negative sides on the market of heaters, we can conclude that it is better suited for metal entrance doors with mineral wool and polystyrene.