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The lock on the front door – we care about the security of real estate

Conservation of the property does not end with the installation of secure entrance doors. If the door is not equipped with a strong lock, it will not be an obstacle for attackers. Try to figure out which of the presented models on the "key" market offer in tandem with the front door enough security.

The lock on the front door – we care about the security of real estate

Determined by the design and type of actions

Before you answer the question, what locks are the best and which ones do not pay attention, we will understand what type of locking device.


Mechanical locking of several varieties (pin, disc, Phillips). The people call them French or English.

The secret part (cylinder) "stuffed" moving elements (pins, plates, disks). The protection level of the secret depends on the quantity of mobile elements and their ranks (more is better), placing them in the "larva", precision manufacturing.

Plus cylinder locks – interchangeable "secrets". There is no need to change the lock (due to malfunction, loss, and other reasons), it is possible to change only the "larva" at the right size.

Metallic lock cylinder with the proper level of secrecy, it is difficult to open the pick, but its larva (cylinder) it's easy to knock the drill. This does not apply to models fitted with special tabs of armored steel – they are able to defend the castle from a quick break-in.


These locks are also called "safe" – because of the resemblance, a high level of protection from break-ins and the ability to perform reliably even in difficult conditions.

Secrecy is ensured by the movement of the striker plate (plates) inside the mechanism. The more you have, the more protection against opening and the more grooves has a key lock. Cons suvaldnyh devices – bulky key and a wide strap mechanism. Such locks unlock and lock on both sides.


Not the best metal lock for entry doors because of insufficient security. As an option – be used as additional.

Electronic, combination and electromagnetic

Electronic locks have many advantages compared to mechanical devices – he doesn't have a keyhole, through which the cracking of the locks, but there is a possibility of concealed installation and connection to the system of remote access control.

Options electronic lock – the code, identifier, fingerprint, or retina, which are equipped with card or remote, magnetic.

These devices are still not widely used for domestic purposes because of dependence on electricity. Electronic systems have a great future, but today their cost is much higher than the standard mechanical mechanisms.

Select the type of installation


Installed in the groove of the door leaf. Strap recessed in the door or set overlap. Mortise lock provides protection against burglary, but the ratio of the size of the strap locking device and the groove is provided in advance.


Strap is attached on the inner surface of the door. Degree of protection surface-mounted lock is low, the installation requires high-quality fasteners.

Choosing the right castle

Not the last moment when choosing a lock is its security class. For the front doors will fit the device in the certificate of conformity specified grade not lower than II, but preferably III or IV. Sheet steel canvas the castle should be 4mm and thicker, and the case should not be traces of corrosion or mechanical damage.

One is good, two is better. The same holds true with locks. The main is to choose the mortise lock type installation, and a patch suitable for more. Another option – lock, which uses two mechanisms.

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