Doors 17/12/2017

How to choose convenient and reliable door to the building

In the last 10-15 years, residents of almost all houses in cities equipped with porches metal door with intercom. It is a reliable barrier to penetration into the entrance of strangers. Another important argument in favor of this choice is the durability of these doors. Another significant advantage of application – aesthetics.

How to choose convenient and reliable door to the building

Every door has its own characteristics

When choosing a reliable metal doors it is necessary to consider features of their operation. In contrast to the entrance doors to the apartment and interior, the load on the metal much higher. They should open without problems for the elderly and children of school age, so you should take into account the weight when installing the doors.

Today, manufacturers offer buyers a one-piece door without any decorative elements. This property is typical for double-leaf metal doors. When choosing, you must keep in mind that the door should easily withstand adverse weather conditions as rain, snow or severe frosts. This can be achieved by using corrosion resistant coating.

Sturdy lock – easy sleep

Sturdy lock – easy sleep

Sturdy lock – easy sleepThe lock on the front door – we care about the safety of nedvijimosti single or double leaf doors is entirely dependent on the desires of the residents. Most often, they choose single. The design of this door the most stable. Its width is enough to easily pass into the entrance with the nursery or a wheelchair to carry appliances and furniture.

Access steel doors can be fitted with locks with varying degrees of reliability:

  • cylinder;
  • lever;
  • code;
  • electromagnetic.

The easiest – cylinder, which, however, easy to open. Lever lock is more practical, but it requires a key, which is not very convenient. There is a coded lock for which a key is not necessary – it is enough to know certain digital set. It is desirable to periodically change. However, the most popular type of lock for metal doors – magnetic. Each resident is issued a key-tablet with pre-programmed digital code. He is brought to the reading panel, and the door opens. Easy!

Tenants at will a metal door can be insulated, but most often have to do without. However, then when severe frosts can cause problems with the lock and where there is such a possibility, better yet, collecting money from each apartment, to insulate the door with the help of experts.

Doors are different

When choosing metal doors should definitely consider several factors:

  • its design;
  • the quality of steel;
  • lock type;
  • the popularity of the brand.

There are revolving steel door. This kind of additional protection, separating adjacent apartments of the landing. This door should not have a dead bolt. There is a risk to be closed inside the bolt and to sleep, which means neighbors will have to Wake you. And it is not necessary to equip it with two locks, that happens sometimes. One castle is enough, especially as nothing of value behind this door was not covered.

The choice is yours!

The choice is yours!

Today metal doors from different manufacturers on the market in wide range. Some firms are making something of their own to produce other copy doors of foreign firms. Most recognizable brands – "Promet", "Toreks", "guardian", the plant entrance and fire doors "Vityaz".

Maintaining the reputation of the manufacturers strictly control production process to ensure the quality of the doors meet the requirements of reliability, safety and durability. Having a high degree of resistance to attempted break-in, these doors are quite affordable to residents of any home. Prices are reasonable, and to collect the necessary sum will not be difficult.