Doors 13/12/2017

Tambour steel doors — another obstacle for attackers

Main place of installation tambour steel doors – walkways from elevators to apartments in apartment buildings. On virtually every floor of a modern residential building with a door. What is the secret of their popularity? First and foremost, is effective protection against unauthorized entry, but not the only function they perform.

Tambour steel doors — another obstacle for attackers

The reduction of heat loss and insulation

It happens that revolving doors are installed without the inner filler. In this case, the owners simply did not think that filling the interior of the doors with polyurethane foam or one of the varieties of mineral wool to reduce heat loss in the corridor in winter, and to minimize the noise from the elevators, in many houses delivers a significant concern. If you insulate the door along with the frame, it will not draft, will be much quieter.

Design steel tambour door

The most frequently revolving metal door is made of two wings, occupying the whole width of the corridor. The first leaf is used for daily entrance, the second one is available in exceptional cases – when you want to make or render a thing extra-large sizes.

Door economy version can be a frame of steel angle or profiled tube, which is welded grating. This design is much cheaper solid, and allows you to immediately see visitor. Often an intermediate option: the basic design of revolving doors – solid, but with a small lattice window.

Solid doors into the vestibule are not always finished decorative panels are often just painted with anticorrosive paints. But sometimes the finish of these doors is performed by analogy with apartment options – use imitation leather or wood veneer.

Fittings for revolving doors:

  • large and powerful hinges, they are almost impossible to break or damage the outside;
  • part of the castle with a door closer. The door was not left unlocked, because it retains the property of several apartments.

When choosing a door it is necessary to consider that it must exactly match the width of the corridor. In this case, there are no standards: the opening of the corridor defined by the project. So the door is almost always made to order, not buy ready-made.

Order tambour door

До начала изготовления мастер должен определить место, где дверь будет установлена. Она должна опираться только на капитальные несущие конструкции, а не на лёгкие перегородки, только в этом случае можно надёжно укрепить её в проёме с помощью анкеров.

Тамбурная дверь добавляет надёжности и безопасности любой квартирной двери, насколько бы прочной она ни была. В новом доме, когда жильцы только переехали и продолжают обустраиваться, металлическая дверь в тамбур необходима для первичной защиты. Уже после её установки каждая семья может подумать о том, какую следует выбрать квартирную дверь.