Doors 15/12/2017

Steel protection: how to choose a reliable door

Can open any door, pick up the pick or drill, even the most secure lock, it is only a matter of time. Only the burglars don't want to mess with the reliable protection, because while they will dig, alert neighbors noticed suspicious activity and will have time to call the police. Hack really protected the door can not be silent, and work the drill in the stairwell for over an hour without being seen – just fantastic.

The thief on the eyes will determine which doors are best to be avoided and which is easy to open without effort, a person with no experience it is harder to do. To buy the metal entrance doors are of good quality you need to carefully consider the options and understand the details.

Steel protection: how to choose a reliable door


Steel fabric for the manufacture of metal doors must be of adequate thickness, if it is thinner than 1 mm, the autopsy there is no need even to touch the outer part of the castle. Is the thickness of the cans and opened the door just. The optimum thickness 1,5 – 2 mm and weight from 40 to 70 kg. Thicker does not mean better, the door is too heavy will create strain on the hinges and during installation it must be considered.


Door thickness and its protective properties define the class specified in the accompanying documents. For ordinary flat best buy iron door of the second class.

  1. Interior, even if it is set peephole and lock, it does not protect from hacking;
  2. Hard to beat or hack without special tools;
  3. Opened only electroproportional;
  4. To open the binding, the master thief, hand held power tools and a lot of time;
  5. Bulletproof, installed in banks. If instead of the number of the quality certificate is blank, then it is a null class.


Metal ribs, which protect from the folding angles of the door leaf, and attempts to push the sash adds the weight of the door. It is better to choose the combination, with longitudinal and cross system of ribs. Heat and sound insulation ensure the insulation and sealing products, cheap entry doors, as a rule, filled only by the frame. A double loop seal and the contour of the door and frame will ensure an even and quiet operation mechanism. Filling can be used:

  • PU (polyurethane) or a thermoplastic elastomer;
  • Fiber concrete;
  • Penopropilena plates;
  • The latest elastomers;
  • Mineral wool.

Do not choose doors with gasket, plastic, corrugated cardboard, polystyrene or foam. Over time, these materials are deformed, which will decrease heat and noise insulation properties.


Not much difference in price between the inner and outer loops with protivosemnye pins no. In both cases, the doors will be protected from removal. The hinges may be:

  • Pin header;
  • Adjustable;
  • With the bearing.

The latter option is preferable, since it can withstand large load.


The steel door of high quality materials won't crack by brute force, and, most likely, will try to open the lock. That is why you need to install multiple locks of different types.

Auxiliary. Better to choose a cylinder, is used alone when you need to pop out for a moment.

Main. The most reliable lever, with the beams in several directions. The more turns of the key, the better. Used together with the auxiliary during long absences.

All the locks should be with armor plates and have no visible fixing elements.


You can buy doors inexpensively and be confident in their own security. Need to save not on the quality of materials or installation, and the chain of intermediaries. Avoid unnecessary costs by selecting reliable door manufacturer.