Doors 17/11/2017

How to eliminate condensation on the metal entrance doors?

With the onset of winter the owners of private houses there is a lot of problems... And one of the trouble which often occurs in private homes – condensation on the metal entrance doors.How to eliminate condensation on the metal entrance doors?

How to eliminate condensation on the metal entrance doors?

If the metal doors installed in the entrances of apartment buildings, usually well-behaved in the winter, the doors facing the street in private homes, can deliver a lot of trouble.

Even buying the input street insulated door to a good company in a "perfect" cold day, you can see that your metal door was covered with ice and snow, in the freezer. But don't blame the manufacturer or the store where you purchased your doors. The fact is that whatever door you would not set, it will still be "crying" if you have created all the conditions for this.

Why is condensation?

The condensate appears as a result of temperature difference. If the outside air temperature of minus 18-20 and indoors plus 18-20, and sometimes plus 25 and if the door material flows through a cold (and the metal is a high conductor), it is natural that in the meeting point of warm and cold air creates condensation. The temperature at which the condensation of the atmospheric air, is called the "dew point".

And even despite the fact that the inner part of the door is filled with insulation, the design still metal parts, which will be held cold: it's a box, the stiffener frame and the lock.

How to avoid condensation on the front metal door?

To avoid the ice on the metal door, before the door need a cold vestibule. As an example, the steel doors installed in the entrances of apartment houses, they are due to a cold vestibule in the winter feeling pretty good.

If a vestibule is not possible, then at least need to install a wooden door right behind the front metal.

That is, you need to cut off the warm air space, and thus reduce the temperature and prevent condensation and freezing of the doors.

It is also important to monitor the level of humidity in the room: it needs to be within 35%. If the humidity in the house is excessive, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation then the moisture will condense and be numerate on the door.