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How to choose knobs for metal entrance doors and not to be disappointed in the purchase

The entrance door is from metal needs in the appropriate pen. Accessories should fit harmoniously into the overall design, have excellent performance and reliability. For metal door leaf is produced of particularly sturdy handles, also made of metals or their alloys.

How to choose knobs for metal entrance doors and not to be disappointed in the purchase

Types of handles for metal doors according to the method of application

  1. Stationary – pens, clamps, bulbs, products with a decorative design. Their feature – easy to use and install. They are fixed on both sides of the door and has no locking mechanism. The door freely opens and closes by pulling the handle or push it.
  2. Push – represent the G-arm. Two products are parallel to each other. They are connected by a rod passing through the thick doors. When you press the handle with one hand the action is another, and from the slot pushed the latch plate. The door is easy to open. When the lever is released it due to the installed spring back into place.

Subtypes of lever handle

  • Knobi – at the heart of their design lies a ball element. To remove the tab from the cell produces rotational motion. Their main drawback – the complexity of use in wet or slippery hands. There are models with locking or an alternative solution – a key hole.
  • Handles on a bracket attached to the door by means of a rectangular plate. The handle located on the side of the apartment, can be equipped with a rotating item, or have a keyhole.
  • Products at the outlet is identical to the previous option, but the basis for them is Planck's round or square shapes. Handle with push-lock may not have to design kljucheviny.

The signs of quality door handles

The signs of quality door handles

The surface of the fittings must be smooth. Chips and scratches talking about the use of base materials that do not last a long time.

The lighter the stick, the faster it will fail. For metal doors only fit heavy and large items. Otherwise they will not be able to function fully, maintaining long term weight of the door leaf and frequent use.

The high price of goods – a necessary attribute of quality. Also the guarantor is excellent reputation of the manufacturer.

Made a good door knobs can from such materials:

  • brass;
  • steel;
  • aluminium;
  • copper.

All metal handles are durable, aesthetic appearance, resistance to moisture and temperature changes. Sometimes on steelwork attached pickguard made of stone.

Door furniture should be pleasant to the touch. Her work normal takes place silently.

The peculiarities of installing the handles on the front doors of metal

The peculiarities of installing the handles on the front doors of metal

Door material loses its strength with repeated replacement of the hardware and the openings in the fabric of new holes. Therefore, install the handle need to be competent.

If you plan with her to buy a new lock, which will be embedded in the bar, it is necessary to measure the distance from the keyhole to the axis of the handle. Need to know the door thickness, so with the help of experts in the store to choose the right product.

Different pens require different attachment methods. It is recommended that before installation, read the attached instructions.

Thus, the selection of quality fittings for doors shall be made taking into account several conditions:

  • the strength and weight of the product;
  • smoothness and uniformity of its structure;
  • checked the reputation of the manufacturer;
  • the aesthetic appearance of the handle;
  • financial capacity of the buyer.

Accessory installation on a metal door can be difficult and require special tools. Such a service can optionally have caused by professionals.