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MDF or particle Board: what is better to make furniture

Slabs of wood successfully used for construction and for packaging, decoration and furniture. And most often for the arrangement of the house is chosen chipboard or MDF. What is better for furniture, we can not say for sure, because their roles are somewhat different. However, assessing their advantages and disadvantages will help determine which option is the right one to choose for a particular purpose.

MDF or particle Board: what is better to make furniture


Chipboard (particle Board) or chipboard is produced by hot pressing of fine wood chips and sawdust. A binder is resin containing in its structure a large amount of formaldehyde that are dangerous to human health. In m there are often low-quality wood particle boards, the content of harmful substances in which is 40 times higher than permissible. Good plate from bad can often be distinguished by the smell – the more pronounced it is, the worse the products.

In the furniture industry actively use laminated Chipboard (laminated chipboard). For its production a surface of a shaving sheet cover with the melamine film simulating the invoice and color of natural wood or simply having one-color coloring.

MDF is a wood-fiber plate medium density. In English, its name sounds like "medium density fiberboards", so there was a very common abbreviation. MDF has a smoother texture, because it consists of small, almost dusty particles. The binding agent for them are urea resins, the emission of formaldehyde which corresponds to class E1 on the European scale of safety of wood particle materials. Coating for MDF in furniture production usually serves as paint, veneer, polymer film or hard plastic.

Main difference

Main difference

Performance, advantages and disadvantages – this is what you look at in the first place, before you buy chipboard or MDF. What is better for furniture, will help to solve a brief overview of the main features of competitors:

  1. The density and strength. These characteristics for Particleboard are different, depending on its belonging to one group or another. The particle density of the sheet can vary from 350 to 650 kg/m3. MDF has a more stable index-on average from 720 to 870 kg / m3. It speaks about bigger durability of a wood-fiber plate. Due to the high density MDF has good moisture resistance, surpassing that figure even some types of wood.
  2. Environmental friendliness, which we mentioned earlier. In terms of safety MDF is comparable with natural wood, which can not be said about the Accident.
  3. Appearance and adaptability. Boards have enough relief surface, so applying them to the decorative cover is preceded by careful sanding. Otherwise, the texture turns out lumpy. The MDF surface immediately after production looks smooth and has no noticeable flaws. Even the thinnest decor (for example, a polymer film) is glued to it perfectly evenly.
  4. Processing. Chipboard does not lend itself to subtle decoration – even a small round on the plate is often impossible to cut without the formation of chips. Therefore, the scope of its application is often limited to hidden elements of upholstered furniture or Cabinet frame. MDF is more pliable, so it is most often used to create non-standard carved facades. Minimum fillet curve and the finest figure – wood sheet is exposed to any milling.

About the advantages and disadvantages of particle Board

About the advantages and disadvantages of particle Board

Despite the seeming superiority of MDF over the competitor, both materials have something to boast about. First, let's talk about wood particle Board.

Its advantage:

  • Availability. Find Dstp with almost any decor and texture is not difficult. Its production is carried out by both domestic and foreign factories.
  • Price. It is at least 1.5 times lower than the cost of MDF. Low price makes this material a leader in sales in the construction and furniture market.
  • The resistance to moisture. This item relates to laminated chipboard. You should also pay attention to a special waterproof chipboard used to create kitchen countertops.


The complexity of multiple operation. Often when you move you have to disassemble bulky cabinets and assemble them at a new location. The disadvantage of particleboard is that re-screwed the screws almost kept in their holes. For their strengthening it is necessary to use the sealant or epoxy glue.

About the advantages and disadvantages of MDF

About the advantages and disadvantages of MDF

As we noted above, this material is eco-friendly, durable and ideal for creating beautiful facades. Find out what other advantages does the MDF:

  • Excellent resistance to moisture and temperature changes. Even in the flood fibreboard capable of a few hours to retain its shape.
  • Long service life.
  • High density and strength allow us to produce sheets with a thickness from 4 to 22 mm.
  • Rigid structure contributes to the reliable retention of fittings, allowing to twist the screws in the same hole you several times.


  • High cost. Pure untreated fiberboard is 1.5 times more expensive than Chipboard. Prices on the decorated plate of the interior Ministry are even higher – particularly with regard to coverage of high quality plastic or enamel.
  • Softness. Prone to dents caused by impact. If the surface is applied to the decor, it is unlikely to get rid of ugly depressions.
  • Easy ignition from open flame.

When it comes to the manufacture of home furnishings, first of all proceed to the choice of material – chipboard or MDF. Which is better for furniture, hard to say, since both have their purpose. A chipboard sheet is an inexpensive frame material, ideal for creating buildings. MDF is expensive, beautiful and graceful facades. The right combination of materials will allow you to create the perfect furniture for home and office – durable and not too expensive.

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