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Recommendations for those who decided to make a set for the kitchen are made of chipboard

One of the important objects of the cuisine is set. Can anyone, even a layman of the business. The thing to remember is that the thickness of the kitchen furniture must be not less than 25 mm. For its production will need bars and boards with a treated edge. To make a furniture for kitchen made of chipboard quite easily. This will not only save money on buying kitchen units, but also to get exclusive and original product. In addition, designer furniture, made with his own hands, very much appreciated.

Recommendations for those who decided to make a set for the kitchen are made of chipboard

How to choose the right material?

In the range of any hardware store you can find a huge number of different types of particleboard, which usually differ in weight and density. To create their usual stools, small shelves like plates, dining table, wall cabinets and drawer units will require a quality material.

How to choose the right material?

In addition, during processing of the particleboard should only use proven tools to prevent splitting of the boards. It is also important to consider the following point if the manufacturer made a defective pressing, the risk of splitting the material is increased in the cut. There are several options used tools:

  1. Hand saw. This tool should only be with small teeth. It must be kept at an acute angle. Thus, the cut is carried out more smoothly, without damage.
  2. Circular saw and jigsaw. The process is carried out at high speed, the pressure on the tool should be extended to the maximum.

For comfortable work you can also apply a variety of special adhesive tapes, Scotch tape or duct tape. With a sharp knife incision is made so that there is a small hole in the plate.

After the slice is processed, on the surface, you need to file. All movements are made towards the center as it is in this case to cause any damage is almost impossible. In the absence of fine-grained nail file you can use a conventional zero sandpaper to complete the revision.

DSP need to process, since this material is very toxic. It is best to purchase the laminated because the laminate is safe and protects in most cases from the negative effects, but the end is still open. From this situation there are four outputs, such as PVC film, edging, trim or melamine edge.

Edging chipboard

Edging chipboard

Before you make the layout with your own hands and start collecting kitchen should make the edges of chipboard. They are usually okleivayut melamine edge. On one side of this tape has an adhesive so it is immediately ready for use. According to the technology, edge is treated with iron, while slightly warming the upper part of the strip. In the process, you should be careful and exercise caution, as the appliance becomes very hot. In addition, it is important to regulate the temperature, because when you reach high figure the glue can boil away completely, and low — edge are not even connected to the sheet.

Thickness particle Board for furniture can be absolutely different. The best option for the headset can be considered as 25 mm. After the edge is processed, the extra edges should be cut. To do this, you can take an ordinary box cutter and a sheet of paper. Then you need to take the sandpaper and go to her at the corners, thereby completing the processing. Edge glue is necessary to ensure that they did not get the moisture that can destroy the material.

Applying the correct markup

It is necessary to pay particular attention to correct layout and alignment of all holes on the chipboard in the center, since it depends on how it will look in the future set. Be sure to layout all points and for attaching sheets, and pens. This will take a wooden ruler to one side which is attached to the rail at an angle of 90 degrees.

Before you work on it you need to drill small holes the size. In order to connect the sheets, you need to make a note of the Central holes on both sides, and then using evrovinty to bond them together.

How to connect the parts?

How to connect the parts?

Manufacture of kitchen furniture from chipboard with his own hands the process is not easy. After all, it includes the connection of a large number of parts in different ways. The most common of these are:

  • fixing details butt joint;
  • "dovetail".

The simplest method of connection is the fastening at the butt. By this method the edges of chipboard fixed with a special adhesive and all kinds of fasteners, but not durable.

Optimal and simple way of fastening parts of kitchen furniture made of particleboard is considered to be the seam connection. To do grooves can be in any direction and along and across.

Installation of drawers with guides

Currently, there are a lot of various guides, which are used when installing sliding structures. They facilitate the movement of boxes. With frequent use smoothness and durability can only guarantee the roller is made of metal.

During the manufacture of furniture from particle Board for the kitchen with his hands, varieties of rollers for drawers not to be redundant. They will finally determine the future design. After choosing a guide, it should be properly installed in a Cabinet or drawer. For mounting you can use the screws that are usually included, along with rollers.

In addition, you need to remember that the guides are longitudinal and circular holes. As a rule, the installation, proceed directly with the longitudinal, for it is possible to obtain the desired position.

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